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We must not risk the jigsaw despoiling of views that could be preserved.
The federal whale sanctuary must pass and enforce rules against despoiling the fragile marine environment." CONTACT: Pump Don't Dump, http://pumpdont
Mr Chapman is entirely correct in highlighting the road safety aspect of drivers being distracted whilst driving at high speeds and the despoiling effect that these boards have on the countryside.
The main driving forces behind the despoiling of our planet stem from human failings--apathy, greed and materialism.
So instead I brealffast at the Tokyo Lunch Box, where I do my share in the despoiling of the ocean's dwindling bounty with tuna and salmon sushi.
I figure Pocahontas takes a strong stand in favor of miscegenation and animism and a strong stand against colonialism and the despoiling of the natural world.
Not surprisingly, environmentalists who diverge from eco-radical dogma are accused of selling their green souls to the despoiling devil.
In retrospect the key to the Progressives' political success was not their clever stitching together of constituency groups, but their ability to convince the country that it had social and economic problems, ranging from child labor to rotten meat to the despoiling of nature, that had to be solved by government.
Everybody appreciates cheaper fuel but not at the cost of despoiling Britain's most beautiful places.
Saunders Lewis wrote about " the pigs despoiling and breaking into our vineyards" Need I say more?
I don't think I have ever seen a single issue in my life more insanely stupid than despoiling our green and pleasant land and our seascape with ugly bird-and bat-chomping monsters that don't work" - Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip.