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While England was at one point dreaded by its enemies, the foreign gaze now reveals England to be effeminate and, implicitly, worthy of the despoilment of its commodities.
The environmental community is fond of talking about industrial and economic "leapfrogging," the idea that technology and education can enable the developing world to achieve advanced states of development without having to experience the waste and despoilment that characterized the progress of their industrial predecessors.
Ronje's act stands as a metaphor for the despoilment of an entire culture: "Ayoko is the symbolic Mother of Shavi.
Widescale pollution and the despoilment of the environment are the inevitable results of failure to plan properly for and manage waste disposal.
These include the despoilment of the natural environment, infliction of preventable disease, the smashing of unions, invasions of privacy, corruption of democracy, and more.
If the turbines do what they're supposed to do and power all the homes they are claimed to power and enable us to reduce conventional power stations which are threatening the very future of mankind through climate change, then whatever the cost in terms of money and scenic despoilment will be worth it.
Given Enwezor's interests, it came as no surprise that the biennial included a number of artists who engaged directly with the political realities of war, poverty, and environmental despoilment.
El Greco himself had trouble with the Inquisition over his Despoilment of Christ (Toledo Cathedral; replica at Upton House, Warwickshire) painted in 1579, soon after his arrival in Spain, for the vestry of Toledo Cathedral.
On Sunday, 1 October, they rose in arms to defend their church from despoilment.
If the project is approved, the county and its residents, which must bear the brunt of more traffic, dust, noise and despoilment, would receive very little.
Jammed amongst these scenarios, industrial mine sites, trailers carrying trucks, smokestacks, and images of general despoilment vie for our attention.