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The work, in a seismographic manner, was to register cautions about the underlying geomorphologic processes and to critique the cost and significance of the work's constituent materials--rubbish, the origins of which effectively contribute to the despoliation of all land.
It is often assumed that amenities like Yellowstone Park were saved from commercial exploitation and despoliation only because, to quote historian John Ise [1979, 1], "a few farsighted, unselfish, and idealistic men and women foresaw the national need and got the areas established and protected in one way or another, fighting public inertia and selfish commercial interests at every step.
PUBLICATIONS Chomolungma Sings The Blues (about the despoliation of Mount Everest) Writes for Arena, Climber and Men's Health.
Environmental despoliation is a more recent problem, but even it has been with us for more than generations.
Kate Rigby offers quite a different kind of commentary--an eco-feminist perspective on the despoliation of nature and the effects of pseudo-oestrogen production.
ACF has a long and proud history of championing the protection of wilderness areas from all forms of despoliation.
The author's disenchanted contemplation of human activity extends to the despoliation of the earth itself.
A dominator mindset focused on control gives the illusion that we can arbitrarily control nature, promoting the shortsighted "technology will fix everything and clean up every mess we make" world view that is leading to ever-increasing despoliation of our finite resources, mounting pollution, and the threat of unforeseen and potentially disastrous ecological consequences.
But when it comes to matters of taxation, trade and investment many on the left seem to retreat behind the same escutcheon of `national sovereignty' that (as Craig Emerson notes in his chapter in Labor Essays) has been wielded by those on the right to defend laws discriminating against homosexuals or racial minorities, the willingness of State governments to allow the despoliation of the environment, or the harsh treatment of refugees.
In many instances these corporations carry forward the same projectories of app ropriation, expropriation, and ecological despoliation that originally made the European empires the primary instruments in the dispossession and subordination of Indigenous peoples.
Sounds like despoliation rather than conservation to me.
Berry, writing about the despoliation, submits this visionary Eden to the forces of total economy, but he has already made it clear that the destruction began a generation earlier, when Mattie's father Athey Keith had to leave his farm to his son-in-law.