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He labors, significantly, to "counteract[] the sweets of poetical despondence," and this narrative comment seems to be our hint that, though she has recovered, Anne has slipped and, in the opinion of the narrator, has failed.
The fact that 650 questionnaires were distributed and only 312 (less than 50%) were completed may also indicate the despondence or burn-out experienced by many of these nurses.
Despondence and grumpiness as a means to gauge waning trustworthiness?
We're now hovering at the halfway point between the anticlimax that was Copenhagen (COP15) and incrementally increasing hope of what Cancun (COP16) may deliver, and the disappointment and despondence over the lack of momentum is being felt in both Australia and around the globe.
Even though Antonio's despondence elicits a desire for an alternative on the part of his friends, before Portia's arrival, all Christians stand impotent.
In conclusion however the author's despondence seeps through as she knows the results of the 2008 elections and inevitability of the coalitions that must be created--thus the centrality of New Delhi and the quagmire of sub continental politics still continue to define the destiny of Kashmir.
Caprino was experiencing a professional breakdown, and as a result of her despondence and confusion, she eventually lost that top-notch job.
And while disappointment is added to failure, and despondence to disconsolation, tragedy and catastrophe accumulate like the pile of debris that grows skyward before Walter Benjamin's angel of history (Benjamin, 257-8).
The anchor muttered "geological time" with a newsman's measured despondence.
These dismal statistics, coupled with the knowledge that contemporary treatment has done little to improve longevity, may leave the caregiver with feelings of despondence, distress, and hopelessness (Osse, Vernooij-Dassen, Schade, & Grol, 2006).