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Demi is despondent because she feels that her career has stalled.
Despondent stirred it up with this: "It's unbelievable the severity of cuts for the armed forces, scrapping Nimrods, Harriers and Carriers.
Once again, thank you from me and a very despondent Wilkie.
O'Neill said: "There is no question that for a few days we were all pretty despondent after the Chelsea defeat.
Tories at one time seemed to be the only party against the non-vote fiasco over the pound, but they are only saying this to pick up the despondent Labour vote.
But Jenny McCarthy in front of a playfully despondent Carrey.
1915), in which Belilove stood strong above a prone, despondent child, then coaxed her into life (pictured left).
I am utterly despondent about the unending mediocrity and incompetence of Paul Martin and Stephen Harper.
There's no accounting for taste of course, but perhaps customers are trying to say something about the despondent mood that the country finds itself in.
But if Barnet were despondent they didn't show it, and Strevens' header from Ian Hendon's cross put them ahead.
May is unhappy with the babysitter, but Sarah does her best to help the despondent teen who only perks up when her dad is in town.
As page after page in this history of hypocrisy in the rise of the police state unfolds, you could become despondent and lose faith in truth and justice in America, but then you realize people like Flynt are (metaphorically) standing up and pointing it out, so all hope is not lost.