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Brooding and despondent he took his solitary way into the deepest jungle.
I sat about in the darkness of the scullery, in a state of despondent wretchedness.
Others spoke of tattered and eternally hungry men who fired despondent powders.
So do not be despondent, do not give way, but allow more rein to your better sense.
By a melancholy hearth sat these two old people, the man calmly despondent, the woman querulous and tearful, and their words were all of sorrow.
While all the rest were grouped in twos and in threes, Arthur was alone: while all tongues were talking, his was silent: while all faces were gay, his was gloomy and despondent.
In fact, he was in such a confused and despondent state of mind that, clasping his hands together, he actually went down upon his knees and begged me to go to Mlle.
She had put the idea into my head and now (so little are women to be counted on) she appeared to take a despondent view of it.
It seemed pitifully meager to Wade at that despondent moment, exhausted as he was by the long, hard journey and the sultry heat.
They eat any thing and every thing that comes in their way, from melon rinds and spoiled grapes up through all the grades and species of dirt and refuse to their own dead friends and relatives--and yet they are always lean, always hungry, always despondent.
Kurt came and stood with his legs wide apart and surveyed, him for a moment as he sat despondent in his new quarters.
Her attitude had become very lax and despondent when the typewriter stopped in the next room.