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class="MsoNormalWhat the cameras tactfully ignore are those students despondently perusing the Bs, Cs, and Ds they were awarded instead of the As and As they had hoped for.
Meanwhile, in Syria, where hundreds of thousands of refugees may be forced to return to unsafe homes amid "global anti-refugee backlash", an anti-government activist said despondently that he was no longer sure why he bothers to videotape the effects of bombing, since nobody ever pays attention: "I don't know what the point is." The UN human rights co-ordinator for Syria pondered what level of violence it would take to make the world care, saying officials were "running out of words" to describe the crisis.
A third group was Europeans despondently repatriating in the twilight of colonial regimes.
In his earlier work he appears to wander despondently, seeking poetically to connect the parallel worlds he inhabits: which sometimes would keep him from connecting both within himself and locally with others.
Written by an 'organic intellectual', Omolo's Lunch Time song echoes Oginga Odinga's 1967 autobiography, Not Yet Uhuru, in which he reflects despondently:
Barker got his third wicket of the game, bowling Viljoen (20) around his legs as the Falcons finished despondently on 177 for nine to lose by 20 runs.
The Blackburn and 53-cap Scotland legend looked on despondently from his radio commentary perch last month as his old side plummeted out of the Championship.
One elderly cattle herder, wrapped in a thick jumper and multiple layers of waterproofs, opted to just stare at the ground despondently until we left, while a young man with his head stuck out the side window of a passing van, his family squeezed into the cabin beside him, had just one word for us: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (pronounced 'ara').
When you 'roadkill' costumes tyre tracks front, gone Then, on the "big" night, as I escorted them from door to door, the kids excited in their costumes, me despondently lurking on various driveways, I felt like shouting "I'm sorry - they forced me to do it" as each weary householder proffered their sweety bowl.
IT cannot have been lost on the Everton players as they trudged off the pitch, on the fans as they despondently filed out of the ground or on the manager as he headed down the tunnel.
When friends conclude despondently that the truth doesn't matter, I remind them that people haven't started voting yet.
On a balmy evening in Sharm el-Sheikh, Ali despondently surveyed his tiny, mirror-lined shop, its shelves neatly stacked with gold-painted plastic pyramids and dusty bottles of perfume.