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Although he praises some books, Kalder has not rescued any masterpieces from the dunghill of history and, in presenting the great despots of the 20th century, he writes with more wit than wisdom about their politics and framing of ideas.
Typically, the drawing itself was really to fit you as a despot," he added.
The despot returned from prison, near-bankrupt; but in eight years, built up a mind-boggling enrichment that catapulted him into the ranks of some of the richest individuals in contemporary Nigeria!
Will Turkey's fate be delivered into the hands of a useful despot who will safeguard the interests of these powers?
Societies that give way to fear end up as puppets and prisoners of despots.
Communes and Despots in Medieval and Renaissance Italy demonstrates how Jones's careful analyses of government and civic institutions continue to resonate amongst his peers.
"The FCO should protect the British Queen rather than expose her to having to dine with a despot."
THE SIGHT of Kofi Annan cosying up to Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad is truly sickening.
Libya has followed Egyptas lead, replacing a corrupt despot with a council influenced by Al Qaeda a instead of the Muslim Brotherhood<br/><br/>' style="float:right;" />
Short of the Libyan despot's departure, none of the other likely outcomes appears attractive.
Families who live under the shadow of a despot are bound for disaster unless the despot is removed.
"El Mustabid El Adel" (The Just Despot) by Mohamed Afifi, a history professor at Cairo University, published by Egypt's Supreme Cultural Council, dabbles with the issue of democracy and firm rule.