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DESPOT. This word, in its most simple and original acceptation, signifies master and supreme lord; it is synonymous with monarch; but, taken in bad part, as it is usually employed, it signifies a tyrant. In some states, despot is the title given to the sovereign, as king is given in others. Encyc. Lond.

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Will Turkey's fate be delivered into the hands of a useful despot who will safeguard the interests of these powers?
Societies that give way to fear end up as puppets and prisoners of despots.
Effective immediately, Curran and Despot become Principals of Avison Young and will be based in the company's Chicago office.
The FCO should protect the British Queen rather than expose her to having to dine with a despot.
The only words the lisping despot should hear from the UN are: "You're under arrest".
What those who support him do not realise is that the despot will eventually go and they will have to account for their actions to the other family members.
Nasser was a staunch follower of the just despot theory which he believed (like Abdou and Shahbandar) was a transitional period necessary to prepare the people for democracy.
invasion of Iraq, justice has come for the despot Saddam Hussein.
Despot Dave (3-1) and Emporio Lord (2-1) landed a double for Alan Stevens in the final two heats of the Wilson Bookmakers Stakes, while veteran Ashwood Shawnee (11-4) took the opening heat for local handler Sonja Spiers.
That effort was successful enough to enable Bush to launch his ill-prepared and unjustified adventure in Iraq, but it had the inevitable collateral effect of persuading many Americans that they weren't just fighting a few Muslim terrorists and an evil despot in Baghdad, they were fighting an implacable enemy and its name was Islam.
Our puppet shah despot paved the way for Islamic fundamentalism in that nation.
Especially passages in which he speaks about a despot (Saddam Hussein) holding 10,000+ political prisoners, and that being a crime, while the Americans in the same country keep 10,000+ prisoners, but that is fighting terrorism.