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But they were fanatical, despotic, supremacists, who were utterly intolerant of any religious and ethnic diversity, and who were as happy to execute homosexuals and the mentally ill as they were Jews.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey has found itself right in the middle of a nightmare with the escalation of terrorist attacks, oddly enough in the wake of the Justice and Development Party's (AKP) defeat in the June 7 election, and raids and crackdowns on the already vulnerable free media and dissident groups that have survived the despotic pressures.
Set in an unnamed country reminiscent of many recent despotic nations, the story follows a fallen autocrat and his artless grandson fleeing murderous revolutionaries bent on vengeance.
Many Sudanese asylum seekers and refugees live in Birmingham and after they have received such abysmal treatment by their despotic and repressive regime, it is the very least we can do in the UK to show them some consideration and oer them security.
The several states are surely ill-prepared to defend themselves against despotic moves by the federal government.
Contract notice: "study of a listed building rehabilitation" despotic "for housing public library areopolis[beaucoup plus grand que]
Such a cause, they knew, would allow them to mobilize opinion against all other political forces that had taken part in the victory of the 1979 revolution and then to purge them, in order to consolidate their own despotic power.
People who bow their heads to a despotic Marxist dictator end up becoming a communist.
And wasn't the last Stuart king kicked out in 1688 by popular acclaim for being too despotic and continuing to believe in the divine right to rule even after the country had fought a bitter civil war to get rid of such nonsense.
He added that the Israeli regime is involved in establishing terrorist training bases across the globe in collaboration with despotic rulers and by using the US sway.
Foreign Secretary William Hague voiced the hope that the end of Kim's 17-year despotic reign could mark a "turning point" in the history of the impoverished, nucleararmed, Stalinist state.
PKK spokesperson Karwan Azadi told the daily, by phone interview from the PKK headquarters in the Qandil Mountains that Turkish fears "do not have any foundation" and that the party's struggle "has nothing to do with dictatorial and despotic regimes in the region.