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DESPOT. This word, in its most simple and original acceptation, signifies master and supreme lord; it is synonymous with monarch; but, taken in bad part, as it is usually employed, it signifies a tyrant. In some states, despot is the title given to the sovereign, as king is given in others. Encyc. Lond.

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What is idiotic with despot henchmen like Aguirre and Acosta is that they always invent names for their organizations that are patently fascist sounding, like Duterte Youth, or Citizens National Guard.
Verily, the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) is the hallowed graveyard for heroes and patriots, not of despots and plunderers.
We're a Treasure Island for dodgy despots, an international haven for ill-gotten gains, including ownership of Viktor the Impaler's Xanadu with its zoo and Spanish galleon.
The Egyptian people's demands for democracy, rule of law, freedoms and welfare were seen as trivialities as long as these dictators continued to serve as useful despots for certain forces.
Despots who oppress with secret tricks, make much use of this feeling.
There should be no selectiveness in the neighborliness, depending on whether it is practiced on one side of the border or the other and the reactions should not be mild because the violence and speech of hatred comes from despots.
We can''t afford an army, police force or to look after our old people yet every time the unelected despots in Brussels say jump, our politicians say of course, how high and how much do you want
and Bernadette Paton, eds, Communes and Despots in Medieval and Renaissance Italy, Farnham, Ashgate, 2010; hardback; pp.
JUSTICE for despots appears to be going somewhat soft at the core.
6 -- The fact that it is not religion but personal interests of despots and western powers alike that has kept West Asians trapped in dictatorships for almost half a century and more is getting clearer.
According to the Telegraph, four of 32 despots in the card game include Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tsung and Romania's Nicolae Ceaucescu complete with information on their backgrounds.