destroy confidence

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Attacks on our dogs destroy confidence and can mean a guide dog owner once again loses their freedom and independence."
And Pakistan must ensure that the scale of the bailout provides breathing room since the current account deficit is running at over $15 billion per annum, Pakistan needs at least this sum and probably substantially more a repeat visit in less than a year could destroy confidence. And Pakistan needs to ensure that the US is onside as it has much influence with the IMF, including a blocking vote.
Carol Warner, the charity's director of canine services, said: "Attacks can destroy confidence in a moment.
Mr Douglas' proposal would only destroy confidence among foreign investors, who might feel threatened by possible similar actions by the UK in the future should their 'home state' upset the British government.
It goes bust - an event that would send shock waves across global markets, destroy confidence in the single currency, and mean that the Greeks would be forced out of the euro and would have to revert to their drachma, or similar.
In a privilege speech, Cayetano lamented how some people used the term 'extrajudicial killings' loosely to destroy confidence in the Philippine National Police and the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.
The "Lucy" actor believes that " Terrorism tries to collapse societies through threats that destroy confidence and courage and faith in the social fabric," adding that it uses "hate" as a way of leading a society to "self-implode."
"What is clear is that it was intended to discredit the government, destroy confidence and make tourists scared and not travel to Thailand," he told reporters.
Sensible tests would lead a child on from easier to harder questions and build, not destroy confidence."
We want to warn councilors that we will never allow this decay to destroy confidence that people have in this democratic government.
It may be that negative studies, paradoxically, reinforce rather than destroy confidence. Perhaps to a clinically trained mind, anything that always comes out looking good begins to look too-good-to-be-true.
At the extreme, the lack of executive presence can sink a leader, cause others to question his or her judgment and destroy confidence in his or her ability to lead.