destroy the integrity of

See: corrupt, taint
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The goal was not to destroy the integrity of the shoes, but to transform them into something else.
Stewart presents a compelling case that perjury will ultimately destroy the integrity of the judicial process and with it, the public's confidence in the fairness of our courts.
At the end of the day, I don't want to destroy the integrity of our request for proposal process.
He wants to destroy the integrity of the state, and, we are strongly opposed to it," said K Shyama Devi, a protestor.
I write on behalf of our residents to question whether the ambitious plans of the council to introduce a bridge and large roadway into the park for the purposes of events and the rather preposterous idea of additional roads for the efficient distribution of plants to other Cardiff gardens, already amply served by existing roadways, will not, in fact, destroy the integrity of vision given to Cardiff by the Butes.
Other alternative sites the Navy publicly stated it would re-examine would not put the lives of pilots at risk or destroy the integrity of a federally protected wildlife refuge.
Some city council members worry that the new rules could unduly burden the elderly, depress home resale values and destroy the integrity of neighborhoods.
That would make it easier to vote and it would increase the turnout,but it would also destroy the integrity of our democracy - which is what an all-postal voting method has the potential to do.
The proposed Ahmanson Ranch city will destroy the integrity of our national park, which serves the most park-poor metropolitan area in the nation.
Answer: That gambling will destroy the integrity of its games.
We believe that sooner or later, perhaps sooner, you are going to be hearing from the Legal Services Corporation with proposals that possibly will destroy the integrity of the various 12 big legal services programs in terms of their individual existence," Davis said.
The utilities are supposed to restore the streets to their previous condition but what they often do is to destroy the integrity of the pavement and then claim to repair the damage by filling in the hole they dug and repaving it, not the rest of the street.