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Other army units destroyed hideouts of terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra andmachinegun-equipped vehicles in the villages of al-Barqoum, Qarasi, and al-Hweiz, in addition to destroying a concentration of terrorists in al-Shwaihna village and eliminating terrorist hotbeds in the neighborhoods of Karm Maiser and al-Sukkari and at al-Sakhour roundabout in Aleppo city.
While the prospect of facing a patent suit may be daunting, one way to lessen the burden is to have companies put into place a policy for destroying unnecessary documents via Document Retention Policies.
Clients should be notified in writing about our policy for destroying files and how they can request copies of any data, subject to our approval.
Many people, including the President, are concerned about destroying life in order to save life," says Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Mass.
Destroying schools is an element of persecution that is now almost a trend in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Nepal, India, and Pakistan.
chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Russia has destroyed only slightly more than one percent of its stockpile and "has no credible plan for destroying the remainder of its nerve gas stockpile.
Taking up this global problem, the Department of State, working with the Department of Defense, has dedicated funding and expertise to assisting countries in improving stockpile management practices and destroying excess SA/LW.
What became clear is that the Taliban, in their last days, were not only destroying images of living things -- an abuse of Koranic texts -- but they were also attacking history and memory.
Remember, the stronger and healthier we are, the more capable our bodies are at fighting off and destroying bacteria, germs, and viruses.
Thompson's suggestion for destroying it: "Burn it to a crisp and make sure that the remains are crushed to dust.
Britain's Genetix Snowball published a book describing the best tactics for stealing into a field at night and destroying it.