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In order to illustrate that destructibility is not only insufficient, but also unnecessary, we need an example of a robot that is indestructible yet has values.
Thanks to an enjoyably powerful arsenal and remarkably thorough destructibility, tearing your way through this alienannihilating adventure is a blast.
d (1936) in refusing to adopt the doctrine of destructibility of contingent remainders in New Mexico).
Indeed, it points to the dream's thought-content as having to do not--or not just--with the destructibility of the dreamer as a person, but with his mortality as a poet.
Euripides' eidolon, in its patent falsity and destructibility, implies the fictionality of the Greek perception of Helen.
One of the top features in this game is the environmental destructibility. The black and yellow elements in the game are 'perma-destructible', meaning, if a building is gone down, then it will stay so throughout the play influencing every district's Department of Unified Protection (DUP) strength and control percentage.
SafeTE C1S tamper evident paper, specifically, was designed to provide a high level of destructibility when paired with an aggressive adhesive, but still offer the strength properties needed for good on-press performance.
Doctrine of Worthier Title, and the Destructibility of Contingent
Although the original basis for the rule of early vesting is obscure,49 the desire to avoid the now-defunct rule of destructibility of contingent remainders(50) certainly played a large part,(51) as did the once overly harsh but now widely liberalized rule against perpetuities.(52) Like so many rules in this area, the original basis for the rule has disappeared, but the rule itself persists.
These products offer excellent destructibility and tamper evidence on a broad range of substrates.
Polyart Synthetic Papers, which is manufactured by Arjobex America, has developed a new material combining the properties of its proprietary expanded HDPE (high density polyethylene) films and ultra destructibility by delamination.