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Lo anterior, pese a que ambos elementos tambien recaerian en la recien inaugurada clasificacion de la informacion destructible.
MOST driving games boast ultrarealistic physics, satellitemapped terrain data and millions of individually destructible polygons on every vehicle model.
32) The Court expressly overruled the expansive definition of the "area within the control" of the arrestee used in the Harris and Rabinowitz cases, and limited the area search to wherever the arrestee "might gain possession of a weapon or destructible evidence.
Standard bar codes were never considered an option as they are easily destructible.
The valuable artifacts become destructible after a long time and they need preventive protection methods.
Russia launched Sputnik, the country's new state-run media portal to end destructible Western media propaganda, the famous anti-west chief Dmitry Kiselev told press in Moscow.
99 Red Faction Collection, PS3 THE Red Faction series has traded heavily on the premise of creating a world with fully destructible environments, where you are free to wreak havoc in your open world game space as you see fit.
For added security, the tape can be used with tamper evident destructible tapes or tamper-evident "VOID" tapes.
Levels are relentless rushes through destructible backdrops butchering identikit banditos.
But I think my favourite new feature is the destructible environments.
You'll need a good memory as well, recollecting at high speed all the track twists, turns and destructible short-cuts that will give you a competitive edge in the single player Domination mode.