destruction of human life

See: murder
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The destruction of human life must be the intentional content of the abortionist and the physician performing euthanasia since if good effects follow upon the destructive act in question, they are initiated by other agents.
KARACHI: Water levels in the Indus have started receding after causing destruction of human life and property in the eastern and central parts of the country.
All the Abrahmic religions state the principle that the destruction of human life is wrong.
st] Century Wilberforce Initiative believes that what is happening to religious minorities under ISIS rule is genocide as defined under Article II of the 1948 Convention that demands immediate action in order to stop this destruction of human life and desecration of religious freedom.
But for many activists who want to restrict or ban abortion, the Plan B pill represents the destruction of human life, and in Texas they have long fought to restrict its use or place tougher regulations on it.
The wanton destruction of human life can in no way be reconciled with the teachings of Christianity because our Faith teaches us that there are moral absolutes.
America shouldn't celebrate abortion and our taxpayers shouldn't subsidize abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, who profit from the destruction of human life with taxpayer money.
Farooq Rehmani pointed out that India was never questioned nor brought before the International Court of Justice for her trail of destruction of human life and values in the occupied territory during the last 23 years with the result, every morning adding fresh stories of travail to the history of life and death in Kashmir.
The Catholic Church says that research with embryos is unethical because it involves the willful destruction of human life.
Instead, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is veiled under the guise of a 'complicated political issue,' rather than being exposed for what it really is -- the racially motivated destruction of human life.
Cavusoglu said no words could describe the despicable horror that happened here 70 years ago, in the same way as no deeds could repair the destruction of human life and dignity.
Certainly, the history of our species isn't lacking for examples of horrific destruction of human life.