destruction of life

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The violent destruction of life and property incident to war, the continual effort and alarm attendant on a state of continual danger, will compel nations the most attached to liberty to resort for repose and security to institutions which have a tendency to destroy their civil and political rights.
But you read him misunderstandingly when you conclude that the struggle for existence sanctions your wanton destruction of life.
The 54-year-old artist then used an example of introducing oneself to other person in a club as someone who enjoyed "throat-slitting, bloodshed, and the destruction of life.
But before those end-ists try to get a refund for all that tinned food, here are a few ways we really could see the destruction of life as we know it.
We, therefore, call on the international community to take up its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people from Israel's heinous aggression, immediately ending the siege with full compensation for the destruction of life and infrastructure visited upon us by this explicit policy of collective punishment.
This means, as TTL would put it, that mission of the Holy Spirit also necessarily entails discernment of evil spirits where forces of death and destruction of life prevail.
The people suffered of immense destruction of life, property, forest, agricultural land, crops, particularly the major crops of maize, vegetable plots, fruit orchards and natural forest plants etc.
Whereas, from the first moment of conception, there is a living creature in process of development to full maturity; and whereas, any sufficient interruption to this living process always results in the destruction of life; and whereas, the intentional arrest of this living process, eventuating in the destruction of life (being an act with intention to kill), is consequently murder.
For in the wake of Katrina, New Orleans faces problems that challenge all our ideas of urbanism, from the tragic destruction of life and expectations to social dissolution and the breakdown of government control.
It demeans us as human beings to laugh at the destruction of life and the deliberate tormenting of animals.
Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, reacted by renouncing his entire life up to that point because his obituary said he was a man whose entire life had been about the destruction of life.
Jewish Voice for Peace activists planned to attend the TIAA-CREF annual meeting the company headquarters in New York City to deliver thousands of signatures calling on the company to divest its money from Caterpillar, Elbit, Motorola and some other companies profit from the violation of international law through home demolitions, the destruction of life sustaining orchards, the construction of roads and transit that only Israelis can use, the killing of civilians by drones, and many other injustices.