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Further work by the FDA on Concerta tablets demonstrated that TPI can be used to non destructively measure and map four coating layers as well as look at the interactions between each of the layers and core sections, making it a very powerful tool for drug design, root cause and process analysis.
Atkinson, of course, is the king of physical comedy, particularly in the near-silent role of the destructively insensitive Mr.
Labeled "punkettes" by authorities, the anarchist movement in Mexico has gained increasing prominence and force in the last several months, destructively making its presence felt at various events around the country.
The scores had been tied 6-6 at the interval as Australia repeatedly failed to puncture a well marshalled South African defence, once again led so destructively by De Wet Barry and Victory Matfield.
Horizontal violence is the term used to describe "when peers behave destructively toward each other".
For the bridge exercise, students work in groups to design, analyze, construct, and destructively test model bridges.
When the length of one of the paths changes by just a half-wavelength of light (typically 1/4000 millimeter), the waves change from adding constructively to destructively, turning from bright to dark.
"This is outrageous fiction which might be entertaining if it didn't so destructively impact on our mission to improve the lives of men, women and children in need of transplants."
This leaves local clubs open to forge alliances with those ranchers who are committed to providing an alternative to destructively grazed and feedlot-finished beef.
Without a major change in the philosophies of the world population, which motivate people as a whole to behave very destructively toward their own survival interests, life on this planet will have a limited future.
But they soon tended to become very restrained in prescribing cocaine: it could be p oisonous, and by the 1890s, many people were finding the chemical destructively habit forming.
She has the trick of making you fear for Rachel, silently pleading with her not to do something irrevocably, destructively, terrible.