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The general equilibrium framework developed in this article extends recent studies in the literature that explicitly take into account the effect of destructiveness on conflict decisions.
Merton lamented how destructiveness is sold as "creative advertising.
A 14 percent increase in wind speed is an almost 50 percent increase in destructiveness.
The destructiveness has reached a point where I absolutely must do something.
The Tree Monkeys" is a sophisticated examination of the destructiveness of the myth of ownership, laced with humor, cartoon-like bright illustrations, and fresh dialogue.
Kertesz, himself a Holocaust survivor, indicts not only the destructiveness of totalitarianism but the society that allows these tragedies to happen.
He intends to preach "against the evils and destructiveness of Islam" at an English Defence League rally in Luton, Bedfordshire, on February 5.
An increase in the frequency and destructiveness of coral disease has been identified as one of the threats posed to coral reefs by increased thermal stress from rising temperatures.
He concludes that race mattered in determining the destructiveness of warfare during the Middle Period.
And, like with Vietnam, I wonder how any government can survive while there is so much tenacious destructiveness among the general population.
All together, these recent expansion activities indicate that Pakistan is indeed progressing in a strategic plan to improve the destructiveness and deliverability of its nuclear arsenal," the ISIS report stated.