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Metzger seguia pensando asi en 1996, cuando leyo en Oxford su conferencia On Destruction and Destructivity. Todavia no habia abdicado de ninguno de sus principios mas radicales.
The young man's world threatens to shatter as a result of the elder's boundless ruthlessness and destructivity, and the drama will lead up to the inevitable finale when he must kill before order can be reinstated.
Tao is the ultimate creativity (and destructivity) and man who absorbs the finest chi and inherits the mind (or seed) of creativity from the mind of Tao (i.e., creativity of Tao).
Such a text would directly implicate the cruelty of political persecution or the destructivity of Maoist discourse.
In the above, the images of eight trigrams (TriG), fenfshui (FengS, a set of practices of house and burial site arrangements in accordance with The Iching/Taoist beliefs), and yuan (Yn, a perceived causal net of the human beings; or "pratitya samutpada" (Dissanayake, 2003, the recurrence/incarnation and permanent existence of life and the co-arising of ideas and universal phenomena) are some most notable manifestations of the beliefs in the "celestial power of the universe" (Ultimate Creativity and Destructivity) which is in turn associated intrinsically with Yin and Yang, or what generates the core values of jen and righteousness in the space of meanings of The Iching system.