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And yet, some nationalistic filmmakers have succeeded in bucking the desultory trend, so hope springs eternal that the situation could be mitigated or salved by individual example.
Few new suits have been seen and tailors, with the exception of desultory orders for uniforms, have been so slack that in many cases they have been reduced to making clothes for themselves in order to keep their men employed
On her desultory rambles she meets three "witnesses to old times," who proudly regale her with precious anecdotes of The Town Where Time Stands Still, her birthplace, where the brewery her husband managed still stands.
The Azeris' desultory fire at the Berd-Ijevan road in Tavush region of Armenia was an attempt to draw away the
Courses are available on the theory of designing experiments and using statistics, but the actual practice is usually learned in the laboratory in a desultory manner.
While there's a lot to like here, its meandering and desultory structure leads to the suspicion there's a sizeable gap between Cianfrance's ambition and his abilities.
While there's a lot to like here, it's desultory structure leads to the suspicion that there is a sizeable gap between Cianfrance's ambition and his abilities.
The party planner pocketed a 400,000 pounds advance for the book and her publishers spent a hefty sum on a publicity push for it, but despite a discounted cover price it sold a desultory 2,000 copies in its first week, was derided by the critics for its banality, and sank like a stone on the sales lists thereafter.
The Bears were happy that he hung in there to hit eight fours and two sixes and provide some late impetus to a rather desultory team effort which failed to yield a boundary for 46 balls in mid-innings.
YLAN Moran very much plays the dishevelled, disorganised and desultory middle-aged man baffled by modern technology, epitomised in his character Bernard Black in the television series Black Books.
The evening began with the mannequin- like Zhang Jinghui -- unfortunately, her performance was equally desultory.
But the desultory outings of "Shrek Forever" and "Sex 2" have many seeing signs of franchise fatigue.