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CAF[ETH] DE FLORE Cert 15, 121mins ??nessa Paradis' new film is a desultory and pretentious exercise in existential noodling which aims for profound but winds up plain peculiar.
There follows some desultory rabble-rousing chanting of comments from the play, to which there seems little point.
The wrestlers struggle, lock each other in various awkward holds, break apart, pause in momentary triumph or defeat; everything passes quickly; the action is almost desultory. In La Baguette, Jamie appears in the same costume, while his opponent, a young French ex-con, wears ordinary street clothes.
After some desultory preliminaries, they set out across country by train and bus to the village where her family lives, but to no real purpose.
No, really) it's all much too desultory to entertain.
In Stratford-upon-Avon there appears to be little interest at all, except that John Maples MP made just one desultory incursion into the field.
The Turin-born, London-based photographer Elisa Sighicelli looks for signs of the numinous in empty and desultory spaces.
It's still an odd premise on which to hang a film, with things not helped by a desultory plot.
He does so through embarking on a series of desultory affairs with his students and by losing himself in the music of Frank Sinatra.
Remnants of the aimless play and desultory fights between masked performer, body parts, and stand-ins for bodily fluids are observed amid th e ruins of an abandoned architecture haunted by the ghosts of TV shows past.
Chelsea's fifth win in six games under new boss Avram Grant leaves them in a commanding position to qualify from Group B after the desultory draw, in front of a half-empty Bridge, against Rosenborg which sealed Mourinho's exit.
Chelsea fielded De Goey, Lambourde, Le Saux, Jokanovic, Stanic, Aleksidze and Jon Harley in a star-studded line-up but the match was a desultory affair.