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Eliza turned to the glass, and the scissors glittered as one long lock after another was detached from her head.
Also available as a semi-detached from pounds 210,000 and as a detached from pounds 220,000 is the four-bedroom Weston.
Yet these same kids may tend to feel inadequate and are quite often detached from reality.
Type of property/price: 3 bed terraced semi detached and detached from pounds 61,500 4 bed detached from pounds 89,950 5 bed detached from pounds 99,950.
Netia stated that the period for lodging objections to crediting the investment accounts of the Company's shareholders who owned Netia's shares on December 22, 2002 (the "Eligible Shareholders") with the warrants that were previously detached from series I notes ended on May 13, 2003 with no objections being lodged.
Mayfield Meadow has various properties available including three-bed semis with garage available from pounds 112,995, and four-bed detached from pounds 152,995.
BB resources outside the Valley, the board could saddle new Valley districts with bond indebtedness when it detached from the LAUSD.