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The two approaches are opposed insofar as the former stresses the priority of certain forms of thought which restrain cognition but which may permit the individual to relate detachedly to features specific to his context, whereas the latter suggests that cognition is ultimately unrestrained to a greater extent than formerly assumed and that the individual is subject to a form of context-dependence which cannot be overcome at will.
Why is he so interested in other people's windows, I wondered detachedly.
We've simply spent too much time detachedly viewing these fanciful creations to muster up the energy, when asked, to care.
The last paper in this section, Adrian Johns's "The physiology of reading," is in my view inappropriately titled, for it does not discuss the physical act of reading from a detachedly medical viewpoint.
But free indirect discourse, the authorial mode at this point, permits a critical distance from the voice or consciousness which it detachedly mimes.
Don can sometimes come across as being too curt and detachedly cool, but his avuncular side was more apparent during yesterday morning's Bug Music For Juniors.
The perspective offered by Cooper throughout his work is that of those great brooding eyes in The Great Gatsby; it is as though those eyes were capable of detachedly recording the death throes of a degenerate and rapidly decaying culture.