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The Greek Detachment supported exercise Juniper Cobra 10 in Ashdod, Israel.
The proper equipment to video tape statements, which is now required by Canadian courts, and a ventilated facility to store seized drugs, are only some of the necessary new additions to the detachment.
The communications specialist with the node was about 15 feet away from Carter and the detachment commander when he was shot in the arm and leg.
The sudden onset of light flashes and "floaters" may signal an impending retinal detachment.
A helicopter of China's first peacekeeping helicopter detachment.
In November the detachment helped raise PS1,783 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal spending several days and nights collecting at local supermarkets.
The Region 9 CO appointed the Ottawa (Canada) detachment commander to this liaison position and established a protocol that provided set timelines, so if all communication from Region 9 HQ was lost the liaison officer automatically would follow a prescribed plan.
Agustin Tello, provincial director of the Maguindanao police, said a band of BIFF militants fired at the houses near the detachment, killing the Kamamas and wounding seven others, as another group of rebels attacked the soldiers manning the base.
Conclusion: Pars plana vitrectomy along with silicon oil tamponade for retinal detachment related to choroi- retinal coloboma improves the long-term anatomical outcome however no significant improvement in visual acuity was observed.
In 2015, NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Detachment Key West Fuels Division set the single day sales record twice, with fiscal year 2015 sales of 21.