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Will The Art of Landscape Detail help lecturers make students understand and internalize the formative role of detail during the conceptual design stage?
However, after the Telegram & Gazette asked for private detail payroll records the Police Department issued a press release last month in which the chief defended his reasons for letting the deputies do details.
Instead of showing her sitting on the ground in front of the cathedral, my first example (right) tells her story by stressing the incongruously abundant detail she has applied to her face, clothing and doll.
How do you publish construction details that appeal to critical practitioners, inexperienced students, a wide range of anoraks as well as designers who are simply above the tiring practicalities of when is a bridge cold?
With DETAIL and DB2 Information Integrator, a business can drive more value from existing information assets with real-time information integration, lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing return on investment," said Lauren Flaherty, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions.
Like the Master Detail Library, the checklist is a great educational tool for a young architect still learning about practice, because it shows what is involved in putting a building together.
74 REDUCES the level of details provided at the auditing standard level.
In this article, Ray Whittington, CPA, director of audit research at the American Institute of CPAs, New York, focuses on the use of analytical procedures in substantive testing, particularly when they're combined with tests of details for a particular assertion.
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