detailed examination

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In its filing, HDFC Bank said that the Sebi had asked it to conduct a detailed examination of the matter and submit a report containing the chronology of events leading up to the formal announcement of the financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017, and the persons involved in the process.
Prequalification are invited for Detailed examination of load-bearing structures of the charge batch in the LC of JSC "Gomselmash"
DHO Dr Niaz Mohammad told media that the suspected patient belongs to Charbagh was sent to NIH Islamabad for detailed examination.
A detailed examination of the circumstances will be carried out to establish the precise cause of death as per normal force procedure in such incidents.
The road was closed until 4am while specialist officers carried out a detailed examination of the scene.
The volume begins with a detailed examination of the structure of the text, including information on its archaeological discovery and geographical context.
On detailed examination, a bag was found sewn at the bottom to create the cavity.
Detailed examination results relating to each man are likely to take a further eight to 12 weeks.
Work to stabilise the 19th-century facade of the Grade II* listed building will now have to be completed before detailed examination can take place.
Forensic officers from both the police and fire service are undertaking a detailed examination of all six vehicles, in order to establish the cause of the fires.
Detective Inspector Blair Calderwood said: "Forensics experts have been carrying out a detailed examination of the scene while our officers have also been carrying out extensive door-to-door enquiries.
Libraries strong in World War II history will find this an in-depth and detailed examination of Bandenbekampfung, a team which represented the German approach to security in occupied areas during World War II.

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