detailed plan

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The City of Tallinn is planning to build around 10 commercial buildings on the 42e and 42m Kadaka Road properties owned by the Estonian state-owned energy company Eesti Energia and the company is planning to sell the properties after a detailed plan has been laid down.
Auto Business News-September 1, 2016--Samsung reveals detailed plan to establish European EV battery factory
Analysis of the available materials and evidence suggests the detailed plan to dismantle the system of corruption in the energy sector is practically filled, so that the expected positive results have been received, according to the final report of the Economy MInistry for the efficiency of government bodies to combat corruption in 2012-2014.
01A-66-V-14 of 13 March 2003 approving the solutions of the detailed plan of the territory adjacent to Dainavos Street 1, 3, 3 a and Gedimino Avenue 44.
At the last Matulji Council assembly, the Council has adopted the decision for the making of a new Urban Detailed Plan for business zone Miklavja whose vision has been realized resulting in economic boom for Municipality of Matulji is.
efforts to develop a coordinated, detailed plan for completing and sustaining the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), which comprise the ANP and the Afghan National Army (ANA).
Time and billing software have the capability to document a detailed plan of the audit and then track the actual time spent.
No matter how small or large the catastrophe, being prepared with a detailed plan can improve a company's chances of survival.
The Tallinn City Government has called for a detailed plan to be drawn up for the construction of a convenience store in the Tallinn district of Lasnamae at the request of OU MMS Property Solutions, Estonian representative of the German global discount supermarket chain Lidl.

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