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He provided a detailed statement, writing at length about the rust on his gun and a previous hunting trip.
To take only one example of Egyptian criticism of Camp David, the surviving Free Officers issued a long, detailed statement on the Accords, which, incidentally, never found its way into the U.
More detailed estimates-including estimates by industry, by type of asset, and by legal form of organization for fixed private capital-and a detailed statement of the methodology underlying the estimates are in Fixed Reproducible Tangible Wealth in the United States, 1925-85 (see inside back cover).
Beginning June 1, the Food and Drug Administration required the 19 neuroleptics approved for use in this country to carry a detailed statement about TD and its risks; the drugs previously carried a brief warning.
The MRQ also told us that for the past few months, it has been able to issue a detailed statement of account of the activities posted on agents' QST accounts.
We think the facts are set out clearly in the Panel s detailed statement and do not intend to provide further comment.
Ghandour has meanwhile presented a detailed statement in which he underlined Sudan's endeavors to achieve peace and stability in South
A detailed statement by the PSD media center said that Criminal Investigation Department (CID) personnel arrested several suspects, who were wanted on different charges including armed robbery, theft, fraud, car thefts, fake gold and counterfeit dollars.
However, PTIs secretary general Jahangir Tareen said that Khan would give detailed statement after thorough study of the report.
A detailed statement describing China's response to the quake -- which also caused severe damage in remote Tibetan towns, killing at least 25 people and injuring close to 400 -- pointed out that China's 62- member International Rescue Team arrived only around 24 hours after the quake struck, reaching Kathmandu at noon on Sunday.
ME-ezzinoy-lu said a more detailed statement will be made on Wednesday.
It had a profound effect on the victim, now a young woman, who in 2010 gave the police a detailed statement about what she said he had done, but at that stage did not have the strength to make a formal complaint.

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