detailed statement

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Be the fairest of them all with this rose detailed statement mirror.
SSP CTD Pervez Chandio, head of the investigation team, confirmed that the investigators visited the site and recorded detailed statement of Madeeha Kiyani, the girl who was with Intezar at the time of the incident.
In a detailed statement issued here today (Tuesday), Ch Parvez Elahi has asked Shehbaz Sharif as to what iron he has discovered after spending Rs 2.
A detailed statement will follow," Lolwah Rashid Alkhater, Spokesperson for Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote on Twitter.
He would issue a detailed statement in this regard later, the sources said.
This law came at the request of MP Mohammed al-Husseini, a member of the local administration committee, who said: "We want a detailed statement of the number of parking lots in 27 governorates and the revenues and expenses of each.
The firefighters were examining the scene and another detailed statement was expected later.
DPS released a detailed statement explaining the change.
Brigadier, Al-Shami has pointed out that the minister has presented a detailed statement on the overall security situations in the country, explaining that the statement indicated to the precautions taken by the Army in, cooperation with the other regular forces, to maintain peace and stability in the country and protection and securing the borders against the different activities, especially, what concerning the cross borders-crimes, smuggling of weapons and human trafficking .
tenderers must complete and return appendix 2 (statement of requirements~), which contains a detailed statement of the requirements applying to this competition.
The bank stated in a detailed statement on its website that the balance of foreign currency has risen by about $1.
She gave police a detailed statement about what happened to her in the presence of the Danish ambassador before leaving the country soon after the assault.

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