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The appeal of employing detect switches as opposed to alternative switch technologies like pushbuttons and slide switches, is that they are smaller and more flexible by design.
ACR takes the slack out of a seat belt, thereby putting the passenger in the ideal position for airbag deployment if the car's VSC and "brake assist" systems detect a potential crash or a loss in vehicle control.
When this happens, it is practically assured that the honeypot will detect the intrusion shortly after any machine on the network has been compromised.
Handheld and small area detectors usually detect radiation with sodium iodide and are less sensitive than large area portal systems.
Some researchers reportedly have developed a test that can detect antibodies to silicone in blood.
54 says an audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards normally does not include audit procedures specifically designed to detect illegal acts having an indirect effect on financial statements.
Already, the results are promising, but we have to still increase our effort to try to detect real Earth-mass planets on tight orbits, as proposed by Doug Lin.
When the generation interval doubled, the time delay required to detect the effect of control measures implementation or to consolidate estimates roughly doubled.
This technique sometimes isn't sufficient to detect volcanic plumes, however, because ash particles can fall out of or drift away from the plume containing the telltale aerosol droplets, says Miller.