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Furthermore, the system was able to detect differences in activity between hens selected as high FP birds and hens selected as low FP birds.
Interestingly, when the opposite type of tannin was put into Cabernet or Pinot wines, the panelists could not detect differences in dryness.
However, only very short-term outcomes were tracked, and the study was not powered to detect differences in such less-frequent neonatal outcomes as neonatal ICU admission.
In the senior position in the company, Dr Dworkin will lead the company's current chronic pain research programmes to expand its chronic pain expertise and capabilities, identify factors that increase the assay sensitivity of clinical trials to detect differences between an active and a placebo control or comparison treatment, lead chronic pain development efforts as well as assist with further building its CRO infrastructure to further expand its resources and drive anticipated growth.
Although playing an instrument is by no means a shortcut to improved intelligence - nor should it be seen as such - early music training could prove to be better for the development of the brain regions that detect differences in pitch.
"Therefore, the current study had limited statistical power to detect differences in the 6-12 month time period, the time at which amputation risk began to emerge" in the trials, the study report noted.
The potential of this technology is still being explored, and two years later in 2016, the scientists showed that the enhanced prosthetic technology could even help the same amputee detect differences in texture.
The authors hypothesized the reason consumers in Chicago and Philadelphia could detect differences in the palatability characteristics of the different grades, while consumers in Houston and San Francisco could not, may have been due to consumers in Chicago and Philadelphia being used to eating Choice beef and consumers in the other markets predominantly eating Select beef [10].
A paired t test was used to detect differences between mean concentrations of specific eye fluid chemicals taken from separate eyes of a single individual at different post-mortem intervals.
Wilcoxon score tests were used to detect differences in lead and mercury over time.
Detect Differences in Versions: AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to compare any two versions of an object with detailed identification of changes.
- Implement an in-house system to detect differences between the values declared in the documents and prevailing market prices.