detect differences

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Wilcoxon score tests were used to detect differences in lead and mercury over time.
Detect Differences in Versions: AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to compare any two versions of an object with detailed identification of changes.
That allows researchers to detect differences in photosynthesis between morning and afternoon, as well as throughout the growing season and from many viewing angles.
This study helps to fill the knowledge gap, though there are some limitations, including the fact that the non-NSAIDs arm was small, leaving an unbalanced study that was underpowered to detect differences in "rare but clinically significant" severe maternal morbidity.
Using the chip to detect abnormalities by teaching it the norm under various circumstances would allow for applications such as heart monitoring, Mayberry added, and could also be used in cybersecurity services to detect differences in data streams as being a breach or hack.
Implement an in-house system to detect differences between the values declared in the documents and prevailing market prices.
They can detect differences in the density of tissue and fluids, can identify the presence of crystals in urine, and see blood flowing through the chambers of the heart and blood vessels.
Present study did not detect differences between toll collectors and controls regarding to the prevalences of respiratory symptoms and pulmonary functions.
Dr More emphasised that: "[The clinical trial] will examine whether the technique can detect differences in retinae of healthy and Alzheimer's afflicted volunteers.
Investigators did not detect differences between the groups, and the authors concluded they had comparable efficacy.
According to the investigators, study limitations included lack of full integration of the intervention into the government system and possibly insufficient power to detect differences in some outcomes.
It's linked to small sensors on your doors and windows to detect differences to normal activity and doesn't get confused by pets.