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Unlike wood or undetectable plastic, which could not be used during inspection, detectable plastic pallets provide peace of mind that goods are safe to consume and can reduce the risk of recalls related to product damage.
In the active phase of the disease, all eight children had detectable levels of IL-17A.
We used a retrospective cohort design to test the natural history of patients with a detectable PSA following RP.
For this reason, igus has developed a new material, Energy Chain, made from a detectable polymer.
Professor Armour, Professor of Human Genetics at The University of Nottingham, said that there should be a detectable shift between right and left handed people because modern methods for typing genetic variation cover nearly all of the genome.
Specifically, eight drums had detectable levels of TCE only, eight others had detectable levels of cyanide only and eight drums had detectable levels of both.
They then calculated the percent of samples that had detectable pesticides, including the number of individual pesticides and total amount.
However, concerns associated with the safety and negotiability of such detectable warnings for other travelers have resulted in much controversy.
In the most recent of these surveys, just over 12% of weekend nighttime drivers had a detectable blood alcohol level.
Tests showed people who had detectable levels of a protein called cardiac troponin T (cTnT) were nearly seven times more likely to die of heart disease within six years as those individuals who did not have detectable levels of cTnT.
Longitudinal analysis examined rates of genital tract "shedding"--having detectable genital tract viral load level--and the association with plasma viral load, CD4 cell count, and genital tract infections.
Nearly 86 percent sites contained corn leaves, husks, stalks in their channels and in 13 percent of the sites corn byproducts contained detectable Cry1Ab proteins.