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However, unlike STIs and BV, symptomatic VVC was less likely to occur among HIV-infected women who were detectably shedding the virus in their lower GT, possibly owing to the observed strong recruitment of neutrophils that possess anti-Candida activity or the challenges associated with the diagnosis of VVC.
Previous estimates of male Dark-eyed Junco home-range size in our study population indicated that males do not differ detectably in home-range size across the nesting cycle (Chandler et al.
The wild-type seed did not become detectably infected, and the notata seed were infected during the second summer.
Third, because of the high crosslink density across the samples investigated, the distribution of molecular weight between crosslinks was not significantly different in this series of compounds and was not detectably different using the Time-Domain NMR technique.
the speed at which the collapse of bubbles behind the blades becomes detectably loud), controlling emissions, and using escorts as "wolf trap" units to lure the submarines away, Hornet was able to avoid identification for the entire seven-day exercise.
Thus in 2006, a small reddish oval was detectably MB, while similar-sized WS-5 was not (Figure S4).
And I have formulated the criterion in my own terms so as to raise the genealogical questions I want to raise about the revealing beginnings of Romanticism--revealing, that is, of its detectably specific form of political significance.
Impoundment of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon has not detectably affected the distribution or frequency of foraging by peregrine falcons.
This finding suggested the absence of any detectably large, recent genetic bottleneck (last 40-80 generations) in declining Muzzafarnagri and relatively undisturbed Marwari sheep populations.
136 (4) stated: "It is important to note that the rates of cancer in most populations exposed to low-level radiation have not been found to be detectably increased, and in most cases the rates appear to be decreased.
Osaka-Shi, Japan) has patented a primer which, when used in PCR under appropriate conditions, serves to detectably amplify 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs of bacteria of the Escherichia, Salmonella and Vibrio genera, but when used in PCR under the same conditions, does not serve to detectably amplify either chloroplast 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs or mitochondrial 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs.