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Typically however, even after several decades to centuries, soil quality under re-established permanent cover is detectably different than those of non-cultivated fields (Foster et al.
Her later poems, even those that throb with a detectably feminist pulse--"The Hang-Glider's Daughter" and "Ordinary Women," for example, which are discussed below--are more subtle and complex, more richly imagined, much more densely textured, and feel fresh: they exert a timeless power.
Some standing patterns of Earth vibrations (normal modes) rang on detectably for several months until the March 28 aftershock motions overwhelmed them.
There has been concern about possible carcinogenic effects of RFs below levels that cause detectably harmful heating.
detectably degraded GCMRDs; for related studies and discussion see Kortum & Geisler, 1996b; Loschky, 2003; Loschky & McConkie, 2000, 2002; Parkhurst et al.
With the trawl survey data, catchability was detectably extreme for many species in about one year in six.
Long term treatment with C-Med 100[R], despite the considerable increase in cell number, did not detectably change the lymphoid architecture of the spleen.
In some cases, the cells and tissues of the patient's nervous system are not detectably different from those of a normal person.
The above quotation demonstrates that they agreed on the matter of how to measure, with Spearman detectably miffed at his hard graft being ignored in Binet's atheoretical success.
Neither blade's sharpness was detectably affected after numerous slashes.
3-5), the two floral buds and single vegetative bud in each set become detectably different very early on (Fig.
In so far as his world is convincingly real (that is, detectably our own), however, it provides one term in another brace of oppositions.