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The auditor's responsibility for detecting illegal or questionable acts by clients is not new.
The issuance of this patent affirms one of our unique approaches to detecting chemical substances that can be applied to explosive trace detection, medication and drug detection, and chemically based suspicious substances," said Jim Griffin CEO of CDEX Inc.
The quantity of interest is the probability D([tau]) of finding at least one positive blood donation and detecting the attack within time [tau].
SENSOR SUCCESSORS While there's already a wide range of instrumentation available for detecting chemical and biological agents, many researchers are heading off in new directions.
The data generated to date suggests that our panel delivers better combined sensitivity and specificity for detecting NSCLC than any other combination of biomarkers reported in the literature," said Zhong, lead author of the study.
The agency's program set out to reduce the number of false alarms by detecting an ingredient in all mines but not other objects--the explosive itself.
In Chi]e, most laboratories follow the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards recommendations for antimicrobial susceptibility testing and use disk-diffusion methods (3); however, these methods have limitations in detecting low levels of resistance to vancomycin in enterococci.
Installed in minutes, the WaterAlarm Plus is ideal for detecting leaking pipes, appliances or toilets; burst pipes; or overflowing sumps or A/C condensing pans.
Bard of the University of Texas at Austin demonstrated a method of detecting the tiny electrochemical current produced by a single molecule in solution.
4 Times More Effective than the Conventional Laboratory Urine Test in Detecting Recurrent Bladder Cancer
By using the technology that made possible both the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope, researchers have now devised an extremely sensitive method for detecting magnetic resonance.