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Line detection is as important as edge detection in lane detection.
A dual-energy line scanner utilizing both 3D volumetric Computed Tomography (CT) imaging and X-ray technology, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is a next-generation high-speed checked baggage explosives detection system (EDS).
Zenosense Inc (OTCQB:ZENO), a healthcare technology company primarily focused on the development and commercialisation of MIDS Cardiac, announced on Monday that MIDS Medical Limited (MML), its 40% owned joint venture based in UK, has submitted a UK Intellectual Property Office patent application for an additional MIDS detection method.
Some target detection methods using remote sensing images based on deep learning have been presented.
The "Global Insurance Fraud Detection Market (2019-2025)" report has been added to's offering.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of 6 pieces of gamma and neutron radiation detection device (detection gate - large), 6 pieces of gamma and neutron radiation detection device (detection gate - small), 38 pieces of gamma and neutron radiation detection device (detector - travel) and 6 pieces of gamma and neutron detection equipment (detector - standalone), including software for the operation of equipment intended for the rapid control (detection) of radioactive contamination of goods and material entering or leaving the airspace of an international airport with regular operation to the place of performance.
As manual healthcare fraud detection is a strenuous task, healthcare firms are increasingly adopting healthcare fraud detection software equipped with machine learning and data mining techniques.
With the EdgeWave acquisition, GoSecure moves its industry leading detection and response capabilities, powered by the CounterTack technology platform, upstream into the primary entry point of most cybersecurity attacks the email inbox.
The iCMORE offers automatic detection of an ever expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods, said a statement.
However, the existing processing systems or methods can only detect a single complex event from event streams at a time, but cannot realize the sharing detection for multiple complex events at the same time.
Canoga Park, CA, January 27, 2019 --( LeakTronics, the leading manufacturer and global distributor of leak detection equipment, has launched a series of videos through YouTube that aid leak detection specialists in the business of turning swimming pool leak detections into ongoing paid pool repair work.

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