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All in all, Wrights way of looking at the detective story was as a crossword puzzle: rigorous in its methodology and structure but serious only to that extent.
The Poirot books and those centred on Christie's other famous sleuth, Miss Marple, represented the zenith of the classical English detective story, usually demonstrating such features as the unmasking of the 'least likely person' as the villain: the final set-piece when the suspects are all gathered in one room and the detective reveals the perpetrator and endless varieties of ingenious, sometimes brilliant sleight-of-hand by the criminal--although never brilliant enough to fool the master-detective.
Thus, to date, no thorough investigation of mystery in a detective story in Sepedi has been made.
Brunnhuber rounds off her study with thoughts on the adoption by these writers in exile of the English language and popular literary forms such as the detective story and the romance.
Only a few were ironic, such as Gabriel Lester's All Wrong, 2005, a detective story using images found through Google, Altavista, and Yahoo
For their first paper, students are given a list of seven topics, each one allowing them to analyze the conventions of the classic detective story, the characteristics and methods of the writers and their famous sleuths, as well as the forensics techniques involved.
We must have certainty; four essays on the detective story.
95) receives an excellent, dramatic narration by Charles Stransky as it provides the latest 87th Precinct detective story revolving around random targets shot by the same man.
WINNER OF BOTH the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award, and selling out nightly on Broadway, Doubt presents four unforgettable characters caught in an intriguing detective story, a collision with faith and morals and a journey to the uneasy spaces between certainty and fear.
If you are searching for that detective story with depth, style, and quality writing, this novel will not disappoint you.
They Fall Hard: A Gil Yates Private Investigator Novel is hard-boiled detective story set in Las Vegas.
When it takes a break from skewering Bush, Silver City spins a compelling detective story.