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Micro-miniature detect switches are being employed in various applications calling for detection, such as consumer electronics, gaming, handheld devices, medical equipment, PoS terminals, telecom networking, industrial instrumentation and controls, computer peripherals, and military/ aerospace designs.
By harnessing the sensitivity of DxS's ARMSTM allele-specific PCR and its ScorpionsTM quantitative real-time signalling system, the new assay can detect mutant copies even if they represent as little as 1% of the sample.
Although many dentists give their patients yearly exams for oral cancer, it's often difficult to detect before it progresses to a dangerous stage.
Adaptive (or active) cruise control (ACC) systems can detect a vehicle ahead, detect both the distance to and the relative speed of that vehicle, and then maintain both the appropriate distance and speed between it and the car ahead.
The SIS steelcord inspection system, which functions according to the magnetic leaking flux principle, makes it possible to detect the above faults without the precautions required for the use of x-ray or the presence of a person.
His team has developed Titan IX, a 1-meter-long, 90-centimeter-wide quadruped robot, which can both detect and remove mines.
In addition, some types of portable monitors can detect a source of radiation and identify the type of source.
Ion-mobility spectrometers can detect a variety of molecules but can't necessarily tell the difference between chemically similar molecules, such as certain pesticides and nerve agents.
Arnold found that the device can detect not just spoilage but also how many days the chicken has been in storage and whether the meat has warmed significantly from a typical refrigeration temperature of 4 [degrees] C.