detention cell

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He explained that the detention cell at Baabda receives 5,000 detainees a year.
She told how he had knocked out one girl's teeth out when he punched her in the face and described the detention cell, with padding on the wall and a low bed on the floor, where girls were locked up for two to three days at a time.
Ebdane said the suspects managed to escape by changing the padlock of their detention cell before scaling a high wall with barbed wire.
He also pressured some fellow inmates from the same detention cell to repeat the same narrative," Hassan told Daily News Egypt.
Police said a group of Emirati drug addicts detained at the Ports police station started the fire in their detention cell on Friday at midnight.
The defendant was upset and angry and he threw his food on the floor of the detention cell.
Police on Friday arrested a 26-year-old Chinese man who escaped from a detention cell at a police station in Niigata city, Niigata Prefecture, on the Japan Sea coast last December.
3 by hanging himself from the window frame of his detention cell, police said Thursday.
The teenager, who is facing 48 charges in the courts, then brazenly walked through the centre and opened up a special detention cell where his 14-year-old pal was being kept.
Judge Montesa ordered Taguba's immediate transfer from his detention cell at NBI Headquarters to the Manila City Jail.
Lanzaderas said the inmates escaped by destroying the padlock of their detention cell, and scaling the concrete fence at the back portion of the provincial jail facility at dawn Monday.
Esraa El-Taweel was seen in an Al-Qanater Prison detention cell