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The Centre has asked the Uttar Pradesh government to send Idris, who was kept in a Kanpur guest house by police in 2009, to the detention cell of Tihar Jail on July 24 until the legal hurdles in sending him to Pakistan is removed, PTI quoted District Magistrate MP Agarwal as saying on Tuesday.
Speaking to The Daily Star, Ayya called the detention cell "a smelly cemetery" without air or sunlight, "representing humiliation for a person, and a wound to his dignity.
To Haris Afzal's request for transfer of his father Sheikh Afzal - one of the main accused - from the detention cell to the barrack, the court directed the Punjab inspector general of police and the prisons IG to deal with him sternly in accordance with the law but provide him medical facility.
Speaking just outside her detention cell near Port-au-Prince airport, Laura Silsby, head of the Idaho-based New Life Children's Refuge charity, said the group's aims were entirely altruistic.
I once saw a Royal Marine colour sergeant, six and a half feet in height and with the foulest breath in the Corps put his moustachioed face through the doorway of a detention cell - straight into the face of a violent psychopathic prisoner who had broken the jaw of an officer.
During the trial, the jury heard some of the attacks occurred in a padded detention cell.
A BAHRAINI, who set fire to a detention cell and assaulted a policeman, was yesterday sentenced to four years in jail by the High Criminal Court.
The New Deal team is also buying a CCTV van, with a detention cell, which can be deployed to crime hotspots.
He will be handed over by American guards from his high-security detention cell near Baghdad airport to Iraqi guards on the morning of his execution.
He avoided facing Mrs Steare yesterday by stripping himself naked, attaching himself to the wash basin in his detention cell and refusing to attend.
On March 9, the day before he died in his UN detention cell in The Hague, former Yugoslav ruler and career communist thug Slobodan Milosevic wrote a six-page letter to a legal aide expressing suspicions that he was being poisoned.
Tycoon Tsutsumi -- from world's richest man to detention cell