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For example, to deter a wide range of threats, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey considers that the essential task of a flexible joint force is to prevail in simultaneous contingencies wherever and whenever they occur:
7, the accumulated yellow card rule deters approximately one yellow card per team per match.
During the Cold War, the United States spent enormous amounts of time, energy, resources, and effort trying to understand how the Soviets thought and what might deter them.
With constant marginal cost of production, the incumbent never allows entry of any firms that will subsequently deter further entry, since it prefers producing the entire limit output itself.
It's possible that it might deter the casual copiers who, today, rip and bum copyrighted CDs with such ease.
each clearly ignored his supervisory obligations and, as a consequence, should suffer the opprobrium of punitive damages, not so much to deter each of them in the future, but to deter other officials in like positions of ignoring their responsibility.
5] They aimed to deter working-class men from marrying by withdrawing state allowances for children and forcing entire families into the workhouse to receive any relief.
Though similar devices already deter salmon from moving upstream in some areas, this one must deter downstream movement.
Indeed, the LTCM episode has no obvious bearing on what are arguably the central issues in the OTC derivatives study--whether or in what circumstances government oversight is appropriate to deter fraud or market manipulation and how best to provide legal certainty regarding the enforceability of OTC derivative contracts.
Chain gang proponents also argue that the public humiliation of service on a chain gang will lower recidivism and may even deter law-abiding folks from considering a life of crime.
Preventive processes are those arrangements that discourage or deter fraud, such as the explanation of benefits.