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Zhou's nanomaterials may make flat-screens that last twice as long as today's plasma TVs, cost half as much, and, with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), have none of the trace metals that can deteriorate picture quality over time.
Since the last rating action, the collateral has continued to deteriorate.
Khat, the drug used extensively in Somalia, is picked at night and rushed to waiting planes to (a) avoid detection by police (b) avoid detection by rival drug gangs (c) ensure that it does not deteriorate before sale (d) keep it out of the sight of children.
In older buildings, where fiberglass starts to deteriorate, the air becomes filled with tiny particles that can cause upper respiratory distress, which begins with sneezing, runny noses and sore eyes.
The labor market is also continuing to deteriorate, with the June jobless rate staying at a record 4.
4% in fiscal 1998 (ended in March 1999), continues to deteriorate amid typhoon-related losses.
We need to do that because we want to leave a legacy to our children, and a standard of living that will improve rather than deteriorate.