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SOCRATES: Take a parallel instance:--if, acting under the advice of those who have no understanding, we destroy that which is improved by health and is deteriorated by disease, would life be worth having?
And dogs are deteriorated in the good qualities of dogs, and not of horses?
And will not men who are injured be deteriorated in that which is the proper virtue of man?
The continuous moral irritation of his unhappy courtship--a courtship which had never advanced beyond the frigid familiarity of kissing Natalie's hand in the presence of others-- had physically deteriorated him.
In "Beyond Good and Evil" he writes: "There are few pains so grievous as to have seen, divined, or experienced how an exceptional man has missed his way and deteriorated.
How far she is really reformed or deteriorated in her secret self, is another question.
The imprisoned air, the imprisoned light, the imprisoned damps, the imprisoned men, were all deteriorated by confinement.
Description : -Hendricks Avenue: This project will replace approximately 400 feet of deteriorated water lines along Hendricks Avenue from Sioux Drive
Confidence increased in industry, services, retail trade and among consumers, while it deteriorated in construction.
ACCA believes that much of the drop in confidence, especially in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, is down to a flow of bad news rather than the economic fundamentals, which have deteriorated only slightly in the past three months.
Summary: The health of the Lockerbie bomber has deteriorated markedly in the past day, according to doctors.
These events have created apprehensions that veteran leaders health has further deteriorated and administration was deliberately not allowing people to meet him, the statement added.