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"Actually, the interethnic relations are good and stabile but the Government intervenes to deteriorate them.
Bulgariaas position in the segment of starting a business deteriorates from 41 to 49.
"The borders have been quiet since 2006 but the situation can deteriorate quickly."
If an entity's creditworthiness deteriorates, financial liabilities would be marked down to fair value and a gain would be recorded in the entity's profit and loss statement.
"Moisture is of particular concern because, in the presence of light, it causes a chemical reaction that deteriorates wool."
In the study's sample of buildings CBO-assisted, researchers found that the banks' inaction sets up a vicious cycle: no one maintains the apartment building; it deteriorates; the tenants withhold rents; the apartments become uninhabitable; tenants with means abandon the building, often to drug traffickers; there is not enough money to pay the mortgage and everyone loses.