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DNA will tell us that an organism is there, but not if it's metabolically active," for example, deteriorating mineral pigments, he says.
Claim frequencies are typically a better early indicator of deteriorating results than claim dollars, claim severities or loss ratios.
As part of the routine maintenance of HVAC systems, building engineers should also check for deteriorating fiberglass, since air handlers and their related ducts are often lined with fiberglass to dampen the sound of the fans.
An 18-month project funded by the Save America's Treasures program is under way to determine the best way to handle and store the much-borrowed, deteriorating suits (SN: 8/26/00, p.
Davenport said it is the deteriorating paint which presents the risk of lead poisoning.
In some instances, the design of the deteriorating structure limits needed /improvements.
We decided we needed to cap the concrete on the terraces as well because it was slowly deteriorating," says Bullard.
The government on Thursday downgraded its economic assessment for Okinawa, the only region whose economy was not classified in the previous survey as being under downward pressure, meaning the economies of all 10 regions in Japan are now deemed to be deteriorating.