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The home-keeping wit, on the other hand, is that continence or content which finds all the elements of life in its own soil; and which has its own perils of monotony and deterioration, if not stimulated by foreign infusions.
Let us have these glasses filled again, for 'tis good to keep idiosyncrasies well moistened, they being subject to deterioration in a dry moral atmosphere.
Clapp revenged herself for the deterioration of mankind by levying the most savage contributions upon the tea-caddies and legs of mutton of her locataires.
5/25mcg) had a reduced risk of experiencing a clinically important deterioration compared to tiotropium 18mcg or placebo over a 12-week treatment period.
General level of equipment deterioration of the energy sector of Kyrgyzstan amounted to 46% two years ago; today the deterioration reaches 50%, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Industry Batyrkul Baetov said on October 23 at a press conference.
The method proposed holds good only for works with small print runs (such as expensive maps), where the damage to the printing surface in successive printings is minor in comparison to deterioration over time.
The exact pathogenesis of PTVE remains unclear; it may be present in various degrees, and it may cause intraoperative difficulties as well as postoperative deterioration with increased mortality and morbidity.
3) Special mention loans exhibit potential weaknesses, which may result in further deterioration if left uncorrected.
Through this technology, the cause and degree of signal noise, the largest factor in signal quality deterioration in recent years, can be determined," said Masao Fukuma, vice president of NEC Corporation.
However, women with a history of depression that preceded pill use were significantly more likely than other women to experience pill-related premenstrual mood deterioration (odds ratio, 2.
If the expenditures stop deterioration and appreciably extend the property's useful life, the costs must be capitalized.
These results suggest that contaminants present in the environment may lead to a deterioration of sperm count, motility (ability to move), and fertilizing ability.