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Schweitzer even says it is close to becoming laws of physics; the more moral and social deterioration a community has, the further the fall in renaissance ethics of mutual trust, willingness to sacrifice, and work together.
The analysis examined the time to a first clinically important deterioration which was determined by the occurrence of any of the following events: A decrease in lung function of ?
The point, which was missed, is in the degree of deterioration that the aggressive water causes to plastering mixes compared with balanced water under identical conditions.
On the other hand, a simple blood test indicative of ongoing organic brain damage could be more sensitive than a decrease in Glasgow Coma Score or an increase in intracranial pressure in ventilated patients for early detection of postcraniotomy deterioration of preexisting PTVE or the development of edema or hematoma (as a consequence of surgical trauma).
If left uncorrected, these potential weaknesses may result in deterioration of the repayment prospects for the asset or in the institution's credit position at some future date.
This study will deal both with the well being of the older person and with the prevention of urban deterioration.
Along with the increasing fineness in minimum dimensions of LSI devices, operation failure due to deterioration of signal quality is becoming a critical problem.
Participants were categorized according to whether they reported improvement, deterioration or no change in either of two types of premenstrual mood symptoms-tension and irritability, and moods swings and depression--after they started using the pill.
The remediation only restored value to the property that had existed before the deterioration began.
SOME WHERE AROUND the middle of the winter, "the deterioration of the fundamentals in basketball" became a favorite topic of the gurus of the press and networks.
Repairs in the nature of replacements are capitalized, to the extent that they arrest deterioration and appreciably prolong the life of the property.