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Specifically, stress just before slaughter accelerates the glycolytic rate, resulting in rapid decline in muscle pH and consequently deteriorative meat quality (D'Souza et al.
According to the authors, this reduction would be explained by the occurrence of oxidation in the lipids of the seeds that is a reaction caused by intensification in the deteriorative process.
Provision policy for specific provisions was brought forward to 90 days past due, and a collective impairment provision of Dh45 million was secured in deteriorative credit conditions.
2 million) was secured in deteriorative credit conditions.
In any other contexts, like daily communications, business meetings, or academic conference, debates still exist but could seldom upgrade to such deteriorative situations due to the constraint of face consideration.
So it was at the museum that Cole had founded to showcase his aesthetic ideals that Ruskin presented 'The Deteriorative Power of Conventional Art Over Nations," an address openly critical of the design principles Cole espoused and of the Indian designs he admired.
THE offshore oil and gas industry is one of the main sectors affected by corrosion due to the deteriorative nature of sea water; therefore protection is a major consideration when selecting pipeline systems and associated products.
The deteriorative changes in MDA content and LDH release and SOD and Na+-K+-ATPase activities in KCN treated PC12 cells were significantly attenuated by pretreatment with serum with SSF at the dose of 18.
He explores the nexus between imperial politics and cultural criticism by suggesting that Ruskin's lecture, "The Two Paths" (collected in The Deteriorative Power of Conventional Art), and delivered in 1858, was unduly influenced by newspaper reports in England of the Sepoy Revolt of 1857-58 (also known as "the Mutiny").
Even the smallest changes in the distance due to the vibration of the plasma spraying gun have a deteriorative impact on the quality of the coating in certain places (spots) of the surface.
The distraction of trying to respond to calls while working on relatively complex service requests has an exponentially deteriorative effect on the productivity of the affected staff.
The senescence phase involves deteriorative changes, which are natural causes of death.