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Specifically, stress just before slaughter accelerates the glycolytic rate, resulting in rapid decline in muscle pH and consequently deteriorative meat quality (D'Souza et al.
The 20 chapters carry titles: Introduction to food packaging; Structure and related properties of plastics polymers; Optical and mechanical properties of thermoplastics polymers; Permeability of thermoplastic polymers; Processing and converting of thermoplastic polymers; Paper and paper-based packaging materials; Metal packaging materials; Corrosion of metal packaging materials; Glass packaging materials; Deteriorative reactions in foods; Food preservation and processing techniques; Shelf-life of foods; Aseptic packaging of foods; Packaging of microwavable foods; Packaging of flesh foods; Packaging of horticultural products; Packaging of dairy products; Packaging of cereal and snack foods; Packaging of beverages; and Safety and legislative aspects of packaging.
Like the United States, Germany has entered the most advanced stage of what is know as the epidemiological transition, and the majority of deaths no longer transition, and the majority of deaths no longer occur, as they did in earlier historical periods and still do in the third world, as the result of parasitic or infectious disease, but as the result of advanced deteriorative disease late in life - cancer, heart and other deteriorative organ failure, stroke, neurological diseases, and so on.
MARGIN DETERIORATION: A marked decline in generally break-even operating trends may have a deteriorative effect on OU's financial cushion or ability to service debt from operations.
Such deteriorative changes continue and use aggravated during storage.
This observation was another support for the deteriorative effect (cleavage of Si-O-metal and/or metal-O-metal bonds) of prolonged UV light-curing on these material systems.
Bhattacharya K and S Raha Deteriorative changes of maize, groundnut and soyabean seeds by fungi in storage.
In this study, when the temperature surpassed 120 [degrees] C, the fluid loss control of copolymer AMPS/ AM was deteriorative, because it exceeded 100 mL and could not meet the requirements of engineering any longer (SY/T 5504.
Lozano, Fruit Manufacturing: Scientific Basis, Engineering Properties and Deteriorative Reactions of Technological Importance, Springer Science Business Media LLC.
Blanching would have resulted in higher levels of ascorbic acid as it is protective to deteriorative changes as long as leaching losses are prevented.
6) SOURCE 1ST 2ND POSITION Means of Acquiring the Item P A ITEM: Stocked (Procure) B ITEM: Stocked, Insurance C ITEM: Stocked, Deteriorative D ITEM: Support, Initial Issue or Outfitting and Stocked only for additional Initial Issue E EQUIP: Support, Stocked, Initial Issue or Outfitting of Specified maint Activities F EQUIP: Support, Non-Stocked, Centrally Procured on demand G ITEM: Stocked, for Sustained Support, Uneconomical to Produce at Later Time H ITEM: Stocked, Contains HAZMAT.