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In the meantime, many see Trump's presidential efforts simply an extension of his egotistical self-promotion -- much to the determent of the US political process, on both sides of the political divide.
Since Ng uses the angular ray information that is referred to the viewpoint image in refocusing, the resolution is determent by the number of microlens contain in y and x direction [15].
As such, Prince's relative absence from streaming services might seem to be a financial determent, but, in reality, streaming revenue has never been enough to return the music industry to its former glory.
I think it is a determent to a community and some people don't feel it's a determinant.
The importance of the factors was determent using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (Marko Komac, 2006) method the error rate of the prediction 4.3% to 73%.
However, if not managed properly, this same data can become a determent, depending on the size, agility, systems, and performance management processes in place within the organization.
Initial size of the tumor, general condition of the patient, post TURBT residual disease had played determent role in post treatment response.
He profiles the regional nuclear powers throughout the globe, including Pakistan, India, China, France, Israel, South Africa, before focusing on deterring nuclear threats, and how determent has been exercised unequally throughout the world.
Cheese making is a process concentrating milk components, in particular fat and protein contents which are determent factors of cheese yield [1].
They found out that the strongest determent of the buy and sell recommendations by any analyst was "projected industry growth" which was followed by "the top management team".
The security strength of function scheme may be determent by the strength of the hash function used in the functional scheme.