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However, due to a lack of government security intervention, the tribes continue to antagonize territorial roads, primarily at the determent to uninvolved community members.
The sheep industry is an important contributor to the North Wales economy, which is why the SNPA takes seriously any incident to its determent.
Agriculture has determent role in social and economical growth of the important factors in keeping independence
In order for any reforms to be successful the public sector which applies it needs to be very determent and almost adamant regarding the compliance and application (Hoods, 1995) There is a risk that the politicians and the bureaucrats might get too myopic when it comes to thinking 'outside of the box' when certain constituents of a reform does not fit their public sector agenda.
Bernard Brodie and others led the wave with their 1946 book, The Absolute Weapon, which presciently discussed the possibility of a nuclear arms race and remarked that in "the atomic age the threat of retaliation is probably the strongest single means of determent.
If you want to say it's a sellout when it isn't a sellout, you do so at the determent of the bottom-line.
It is important for people to embrace technology; it is a key determent in all kinds of professions.
In my opinion the determent of peace and war is not who brings it, but what brings it.
Regardless, both studies found that CBT is not a determent to a student's assessment.
full intention to be competitive to a reasonable extend, to compete in a fair but determent manner and most of all pursue customer satisfaction through service excellence to assist the client in achieving their goals by ever better understanding customers' interests and needs," said Dedig.
Inspection of the actuall state determent that pipe insulation need reparation.
I have issued an apology to Tarek Nour and his company for the events that have taken place, and the determent that it has caused, that was not my intention," Azab told Daily News Egypt.