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Liable to come to an end upon the happening of a certain contingency. Susceptible of being determined, found out, definitely decided upon, or settled.

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adj. defining something which may be terminated upon the occurrence of a particular event, used primarily to describe an interest in real property, such as a fee simple determinable, in which property is deeded to another, but may revert to the giver or go to a third person if, as examples, the receiver (grantee) marries, divorces, or no longer lives in the house.

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liable to termination under certain conditions.
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DETERMINABLE. What may come to an end, by the happening of a contingency; as a determinable fee. See 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1695.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Hence, Target's obligation to make such payments became fixed and determinable on the acquisition date.
In light of this audit exposure, a number of companies are revising their existing bonus plans to eliminate or curtail this retained discretion, so that the fact of liability is fixed as of year end and the amount is reasonably determinable with respect to at least a portion of the anticipated bonuses.
Real estate investments by foreign investors can be held as portfolio investments and considered investment income described as fixed and determinable annual or periodic income.
Disabled digital artist Ann Whitehurst has also been working with film- maker Alan McLean on Determinable Barriers, which looks at the unwritten history of disabled people.
The third prerequisite for revenue recognition is that the sales price is fixed or determinable. SAB 101 addresses three issues pertaining to whether the sales price meets that criterion: cancellation clauses, contingent income, and estimation of future returns.
Foley, Establishing Medically Determinable Impairments, Apr.
* Whenever possible, keep the odds on your side by managing risks in terms of determinable probabilities, thereby reducing the extent to which you rely on luck alone.
All equity securities with readily determinable fair values, except for equity securities that are accounted for under the equity method or to investments in consolidated subsidiaries.
Redeemable preferred stock is defined as any stock which: (1) the issuer undertakes to redeem at a fixed or determinable price on a fixed or determinable date, (2) is redeemable at the option of the holder, or (3) has conditions for redemption which are not solely within the control of the issuer.
For instance, she believes his theory commits him to absurd consequences concerning determinable vs.