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2 Category 2: Customer Relationship Firms, especially, in a client-vendor relationship seem to use customer following as a determinant (Chen and Chen 1998; Hennart and Park 1994; Li and Guisinger 1992; Petrou 2007).
In Sultanate of Oman, there is very limited evidence about the association and impact of determinants of capital structure on the leverage of the industrial companies.
Determinant "the situation on the capital market in the Czech Republic" has the highest quotient of answers "determinant rather has no effect.
In the study, the most significant determinant in the estimation of the share of gross domestic product allocated to health expenditure was determined as GDP per capita.
The results also showed that the determinant "regulation" is found in various forms in most of the papers mentioned above (Table 1).
Some regional health information organizations are playing a role in social determinant projects, Eckart says.
The basic objective behind this study is to examine both economic and social determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Pakistan for the period 1984-2015.
In many related studies, the external trade balance has also shown to be an important determinant of sovereign default risk.
This commentary argues that if we take seriously the evidence presented in the reports (summarized below) we need to rethink our approach to the determinants of health.
sup][2],[3] Preterm birth might result from many determinants, including biological factors (premature rupture of membranes and intrauterine infection) and other socioeconomic and environmental determinants (maternal occupation, maternal education, cultural level, and prenatal visits).
The Social Determinants of Health portal incorporates authentic data brought in from multiple validated sources, spanning over the past six years and describing the state and growth of social determinants for over 3,000+ counties in the United States.
Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge on the history of nursing can connect the profession and past efforts and successes in enhancing population health through work on the social determinants of health.