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DETERMINATE. That which is ascertained; what is particularly designated; as, if I sell you my horse Napoleon, the article sold is here determined. This is very different from a contract by which I would have sold you a horse, without a particular designation of any horse. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 947, 950.

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So, there are, at least, two sources of indeterminacy in this process: it can be indeterminate whether the state indicates/tracks information about C, something that depends (among other things) on the broad causal role of the state; and it can be indeterminate whether the state has been selected for indicating C, independently on whether the state determinately indicates C or not.
He presented all possible phase portraits determinately and gave all the exact explicit parametric conditions for various solutions.
2) All the members, P of C are such that representations in S can determinately represent their objects as being P.
As Americans, we are determinately, obstinately and passionately individualistic.
Drawing on the work of philosopher Larry May, Young writes that by claiming collective responsibility, a group can gain the moral high ground "without any of its individual members being determinately responsible for it" (ibid.).
we must have patience and move on determinately and steadily.
(7.) Wordsworth's work suggests an engagement with contemporary disputes in psychology and the sciences of attention: note the echoes, for example, of Wordsworth's famous lines "The eye--it cannot choose but see / We cannot bid the ear be still; / Our bodies feel, where'er they be, / Against or with our will" in William Hamilton's later claim that "We cannot determinately refuse to hear by voluntarily withholding our attention; and we can no more open our eyes, and, by an act of will, avert our mind from all perception of sight, than we can, by an act of will, cease to live," Metaphysics of Sir William Hamilton (Cambridge: Sever and Francis, 1866), 166.
The Turkiyya state was determinately autocratic and overtly ambitious, but chronically weak, and, it follows, notoriously aggressive, characteristics that define the Sudanese state until today, only with the benefit of experience (4).
As Abrams puts it, there is no ground, in the incessant play of difference that constitutes a language, for attributing a decidable meaning, or even a finite set of determinately multiple meanings to any sign (57).
The Revolution had set its Islami futuristic course, determinately.
Added to that is another symptomatic difference in the city that was once determinately oblivious to the violence in the rest of Syria, residents say.

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