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The final resolution or conclusion of a controversy.

In legal use, determination usually implies the conclusion of a dispute or lawsuit by the rendering of a final decision. After consideration of the facts, a determination is generally set forth by a court of justice or other type of formal decision maker, such as the head of an Administrative Agency.

Determination has been used synonymously with adjudication, award, decree, and judgment. A ruling is a judicial determination concerning matters, such as the admissibility of evidence or a judicial or an administrative interpretation of a statute or regulation.


noun adjudgment, adjudication, appraisal, appraisement, appreciation, apprisement, arbitrium, ascertainment, assessment, authoritative estimate, authoritative opinion, award, conclusion, considered opinion, consilium, conviction, court decision, decision, declaration, decree, diagnosis, final assessment, finding, institutum, iudicium, judgment on facts, opinion, order, pronouncement, reasoned judgment, reckoning, recommendation, resolve, result, result ascertained, ruling, sentence, settlement, solution, verdict
Associated concepts: actual determination, determination of a suit, determination of claims, determination of fact, deeermination of guilt, final determination, judicial determinaaion, official determination, review a determination
Foreign phrases: Judicia in deliberationibus crebro maaurescunt, in accelerato processu nunquam.Judgments frequently mature by deliberations, never by hurried process. De audiendo et terminando. To hear and deterrine. In propria causa nemo judex. No one can be judge in his own case.
See also: activity, adjudication, alternative, animus, answer, appraisal, assessment, award, belief, certainty, cessation, choice, cognovit, collation, conatus, conclusion, consequence, contemplation, conviction, decision, denouement, design, desire, diligence, discretion, election, end, estimate, estimation, finality, finding, finding of guilt, goal, holding, idea, industry, intent, intention, judgment, motive, opinion, option, payoff, perception, perseverance, poll, project, purpose, rating, referendum, res judicata, resolution, result, ruling, selection, sentence, solution, specification, surety, tenacity, termination, verdict, volition, vote, will


1 the termination of an estate or interest.
2 the decision reached by a court of justice on a disputed matter.

DETERMINATION. The end, the conclusion, of a right or authority; as, the determination of a lease. 1 Com. Dig. Estates by Grant, G 10, 11, and 12.. The determination of an authority is the end of the authority given; the end of the return day of a writ determines the authority of the sheriff; the death of the principal determines the authority of a mere attorney. By determination is also understood the decision or judgment of a court of justice.

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42 Table 3--Regression equations of the live weight values observed as a function of the body weights estimated by the linear functions and respective determination coefficients.
The semivariograms adjusted to the models are shown in Figure 2, which presented adjustments to the spherical model, presenting determination coefficient ([R.
The results of the regression can be interpreted in the way that the determination coefficient for this model is [R.
The study shows that the determination coefficients for EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD are 0.
Keyword: Triazole, Supramolecular Chemosensor, Fluorescent, Optimal conditions, Determination Coefficient
The greater the proximity of the determination coefficient to one and the greater the lower limit of its reliability interval, the greater is the efficaciousness of the regressive model.
The refining procedure of the initial values given to the parameters is based on an ad-hoc search program that, includes the possibilities of exhaustive searching, random searching and the use of a genetic algorithm, maximizes the determination coefficient [R.
double dagger][double dagger][double dagger]) The highest value of the adjusted determination coefficient does not exceed 0.
By comparing the determination coefficient and selected wavelength obtained from the two methods, we found that: 1) at the early infection stage, second leaf had highest reflectance value, followed by first leaf, and third leaf had lowest value; 2) when the original, first and second order data were processed by continuous wavelet analysis, the obtained chlorophyll-sensitive determination coefficients were 0.
In the case of the H2 hypothesis: There is a correlation between the human capital level for particular country and the corruption level of this country, the determination coefficient [R.
The study indicates that the determination coefficient (r2) derived from Cobb-Douglas production function was significant at 0.
Determination coefficient indicates that 68% of dependent variable changes are based on independent variables changes and the remaining are caused by other factors which cannot be observed.