determination of issues

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Main features: the services are divided into three phases, as defined below: phase 1: development of a diagnosis on the neighborhood, determination of issues and development guidelines phase 2: writing a master plan phase 3: programming and costing , creation of a financial model.It should also be noted that this contract is concerned by a possible supplementary benefit (pse) "zoom on draft".
The Court also cited the rule under Article 269 of the Law of Criminal Procedures and Article 50 of the Law of Proof with respect to a criminal verdict delivered in a criminal case being binding on the civil court as to its determination of issues relevant to whether the accused is guilty of the offence that are common to both the criminal and civil proceedings and the legal characterization of the elements of the offense and its imputation to the perpetrator.
Attacking Dr Mattu's lawyers as "seeking to introduce wholly artificial constraints on the disciplinary process", Mr Hillier added that they were "inappropriate" for the determination of issues between employer and employee.