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177) To be sure, one's approach to determinativeness will depend on the theory of constitutional interpretation to which one subscribes and on the nature of the constitutional provision at issue.
More than that, Israel's permanent and stable incorporation into the Middle East will require Israel and Israelis to face their history frankly and be willing, in some fashion, to publicly acknowledge the validity, if not the determinativeness, of certain Arab, and especially Palestinian, claims.
The determinativeness of that fit is constructed in each game in several ways: through choice of context (quid pro quo being "objectively" more determinate than the "subjective" hostile environment); through content emphasis (speech/dress/consent being more determinative than sexual harassment itself); through rules (internalization of the "naturalness" of sex is more determinate than conscious acceptance of "contested" asymmetrical power relations); and through phrases or moves (the active subject and the dependent object positions are strategically constructed as relatively more or less determinate depending on content and language game).